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What services do we offer?

We typically meet for a Carlebach-style Kabbalat Shabbat and ma'ariv. In summer, when Shabbat begins later, we plan to have Friday mincha as well. We also offer minimal programming on the chagim (holidays) such as a tashlich service. Please check updates on the website for more information with respect to specific dates and times.

Who leads?

Mincha and Ma'ariv will be led by men and Kabbalat Shabbat may be led by a man or a woman.

What Siddurim do we use?

We primarily use a set Likrat Shabbat siddurim that we received as a donation from a synagogue in Michigan. We inserted photocopies of several small parts of the service that this siddur did not have, so it now has the same liturgy as the ArtScroll. We do have some Sim Shalom and Artscroll siddurim available, plus a packet with the service in English transliteration. 

We also have some members who bring their own siddur. If you are comfortable carrying your own on Shabbat, you are welcome to do that as well.

What's the seating like?

There is a men's section separated by a row of plants from a section of mixed seating. This "mixed" section is separated from a women's section on the other side. Additionally, at Gates of Heaven, any woman who would like a women-only section will also find one in the balcony. In short, both mixed and gender-separated seating is available.

Where and when do we meet?

We currently meet at Gates of Heaven synagogue in James Madison Park (320 East Gorham Street). Click here for directions.

For the most part we will meet the second Friday night of the calendar month, pending chagim (holidays) and other scheduling quirks. Have a look at our upcoming events


What about dinner?

We offer a kosher fleishig (meat & veggie) potluck after services. We encourage you to attend and bring something! See the food page for more on what to bring, or contact Joe (food@madisonminyan.com).

I don't have a kosher kitchen but I would like to participate in the potluck. What can I do?

No problem! See the food page.

Getting Involved

I want to lead, teach, give a D'var Torah, or help coordinate services. Whom should I contact?

Contact Lily at gabbai@madisonminyan.com.

I attended a Madison Minyan service and had such a wonderful time that I would like to be involved in the Steering Committee. Is this possible?

Absolutely! We are always looking for new voices and new ideas. Feel free to contact David at doodle@madisonminyan.com to find out about our next steering committee meeting.

Who goes?

No better way to find out then to come yourself! The organizing committee includes grad and doctoral students, young professionals, Madison lifers, newcomers...


I have kids who would like to come. Is this okay? Do others bring kids?

Kids are always welcome at Madison Minyan. We typically have at least a few kids join us for shabbat and are fortunate to have a volunteer who helps to coordinate activities for children during services. Please contact Julie at kids@madisonminyan.com for more information about the kids corner. 

I have a question that is not answered above. Is there someone I can ask?

Please see our directory page on the website and feel free to email the appropriate contact person with respect to your specific question. If no one seems appropriate, don't hesitate to contact Monica at info@madisonminyan.com.
Ben Rosen,
Nov 14, 2012, 11:06 AM