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Gathering for meals is part of the way we build community. Because we value inclusiveness, we support the widest possible range of eating practices. We encourage everyone to contribute to these gatherings, whether you keep strict kosher in your personal life or not. We have a lot of great cooks in our community, so hopefully part of your practice is eating things that are delicious.

How do I sign up to contribute food?

We post a link to the potluck on the front page of our site as well as on the current Facebook event for that month.

Will the food be kosher?

Yes. To support those who keep traditional kashrut practices, we plan for all of our food to meet kosher standards. We also try to include local, organic ingredients, and provide vegetarian and vegan options (more about eco-kashrut). Because we have a broad community, potlucks may include some non-kosher dishes - these will always be clearly labeled, and served on a separate table.

What should I bring to a potluck?

Any of the below are great. Our meals are generally fleishig/vegetarian, so please make sure your food is dairy free.
  • Food prepared in a kosher kitchen
  • Packaged food with a kosher seal (parve or fleishig only)
  • Fresh, raw fruits & vegetables

I don't have a kosher kitchen but I would like to participate in the potluck. What can I do?

Contact our cooking coordinator Joe (food@madisonminyan.com) and he will help to find you a kosher home in which to cook. We also have cooking parties on the Thursday before each minyan, hosted by one of our members - it's a great way to meet people!

I have questions about bringing the right thing to a potluck. What can I do?

Contact Joe (food@madisonminyan.com) and he'll answer any questions you have.

What do I do with my bowl/pan?

  • Bring your food in disposable dishes.
  • After dinner, take your dish home if you are willing to carry on Shabbat.
  • Check the pick-up time (usually Saturday night or Sunday morning) as posted at the potluck and pick  up your dish from Gates of Heaven then.

What are the best places to buy kosher food/wine in Madison?

Sentry / Metcalfe's (Hilldale Plaza)
  • Widest selection of kosher packaged food in town
  • Stock some specialty products, like Israeli brands
Trader Joe's
  • Kosher challah
  • A wide variety of kosher packaged food. For the exact list see here - they provide a printable guide which is very handy for shopping!
  • Several inexpensive kosher wines
  • Employee-owned discount market with great prices
  • Big liquor store with kosher wines
Steve's Liquors
  • Best variety of kosher wines in town: 20-25, including champagne

If you have other recommendations, please send them to Joe (food@madisonminyan.com)!