Coming to the minyan is great. Getting involved in making it happen is even better! 


Well, for one thing, we are an independent minyan – we do everything ourselves. So the more people get involved, the more good things that can happen. 

For another thing , it feels good! Taking on some part of making the minyan happen is a great way to 
• meet people
• feel good about giving something
• build your own sense of being part of a community. 

Easy ways to get involved – a little, or a lot

The spreadsheet below is where we keep track of lots of simple ways to get involved. These generally don't require big time commitments, or specialized knowledge or skills - but they're still just as important!.  Can you cover one of these slots?  Great!
  1.     Put your name down below: click Edit first, type in your name and then hit Submit.
  2.     Get in touch with the person listed
Of course there are lots more things that need to happen – or could happen –  that are not listed here. If you'd like to talk about what else you can do – especially if you have knowledge, skills, or experience you think could help the minyan – please contact Monica at

Note: Some browsers like Internet Explorer may have trouble with the spreadsheet below. If you don't see it, click here to open it in a separate window.